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Cirencester Car Club exists to enable people of all ages to become involved running and competing in a wide variety of Motor Sports. We are a club of enthusiastic volunteers that runs a number of low key events for members and organises two nationally recognised events. We also have monthly social events, which includes Guest speakers, trips to motor related organisations and networking in local public houses.

The members organise these events in their spare time for enjoyment by themselves and for others, the more you Get Involved the more you will benefit.

Cirencester Car Club Summer Series Round 6 results

The last round of the Summer Series took place on Sunday 12th October at Kemble airfield. It was a dry, slightly cloudy day with a slight breeze. For those of you familiar with motorsport events on airfields in October this means only one thing it will be cold and today proved to be no exception. However, the cold weather did not wither the competitors enthusiasm for the four tests designed for this tarmac venue. As usual drivers were allowed two attempts at each test. Now you would normally expect the second attempt to get a better result than the first, what with having practiced. Mostly true but you could guarantee at least one of them would get overcharged on the second run and so pick up extra penalties for driving over cones or simply just forgetting the way! Both methods of getting more rather than fewer penalties were in evidence this afternoon.

Final results for the two competitors are:

  1. Guy Robinson – Audi A4 Quattro (diesel) 1st 4 Wheel Drive
  2. Richard Cooper – MGF 1st Mid Engine

Congratulations to both competitors for their success in their first years events.

If you fancy joining us for the next years events please check out the What’s on Page (from April 2015 onwards) or to be right up to date join us on Facebook.

Ian Vout

Get Involved:

Click What’s on for the calendar to see what’s coming up and then decide on which you want to do first; contact the series co-ordinator in to get the where and when. Then just turn up and you will be able to see what it’s all about by watching others enjoy themselves either from the side lines or as a Marshal or better still join in the fun and compete yourself as a Competitor.


Check the What’s On Calendar to see what and when is the next event and let the organiser know you will be attending.

Or more simply Go to Contact us and fill in the membership application form.

You can find our monthly newsletters on the What’s on Page.

Corinium Run 2014

Corinium Run 2014

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