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Cirencester Car Club exists to enable people of all ages to become involved running and competing in a wide variety of Motor Sports. We are a club of enthusiastic volunteers that runs a number of low key events for members and organises two nationally recognised events. We also have monthly social events, which includes Guest speakers, trips to motor related organisations and networking in local public houses.

The members organise these events in their spare time for enjoyment by themselves and for others, the more you Get Involved the more you will benefit.

Chairman’s Chat April 2016

The start of the club’s year has been mixed with attendances.

Our new club nights seem to be a welcome addition to the club’s calendar and allows new and old members to come together for a chat and catch up on all things motoring.

The 12 car series has not been well attended and the committee will discuss the future of the events over the coming months ready for the new winter season.

The Corinium Run has been undergoing some changes over the last couple of years with the intention of making the event more relaxed and enjoyable for our participants. The 2016 edition was no exception and the event's current evolution is nearing completion. With these changes in place this year’s event was a huge success, a lot less hard word and more enjoyable for the organising team than in previous years, the weather was extremely kind to us with the day before and after being extremely inclement. Judging by the amount of favourable comments received after the event our participants enjoyed their day.

If you or anyone you know would like to join our organising team please come forward, we are a friendly bunch.

The Corinium Stages take place on Saturday 30th April, if you would like to help out please contact Dave Green the Chief Marshal.

The Summer Series is about to start with the first event being held at Winstone on Thursday 19th May, everyone is welcome for these non-damaging events that can be completed using your road cars.

Martin Saunders, Chairman

2016 Summer Series

  • May 19th Organiser – Richard Cooper
  • June 16th Organiser – Dave Richards
  • July 21st Organiser – Keith Vaughan
  • Aug 18th Organiser – Martin Saunders

For more details see the flyer.

Get Involved:

Click What’s on for the calendar to see what’s coming up and then decide on which you want to do first; contact the series co-ordinator in to get the where and when. Then just turn up and you will be able to see what it’s all about by watching others enjoy themselves either from the side lines or as a Marshal or better still join in the fun and compete yourself as a Competitor.


Check the What’s On Calendar to see what and when is the next event and let the organiser know you will be attending.

Or more simply Go to Contact us and fill in the membership application form.

You can find our monthly newsletters on the What’s on Page.

Corinium Run 2014

Corinium Run 2014

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